Myositis Association Australia

  • The Myositis Association – Australia Incorporated (Myositis Association Australia) was formed in 2003 and formally incorporated in 2007. The Association is a not-for-profit charitable organisation incorporated in NSW with a membership that is nationwide. The Association is an independent body loosely affiliated with The Myositis Association in the USA. Given the rarity of these diseases, membership numbers are unlikely to ever be high, but by now they have grown to approximately 220 members nationwide.


  • Our logo has been developed  to convey the concepts of support, connection and keeping in touch which is the essence of the Association. The figures which make up the hexagon shaped logo are stretching toward another to represent the support we offer to each other through the Association. The shades of colours convey the individualised nature of the disease and the connection we all share from having a form of Myositis. The overall image serves to highlight the “keeping in touch” message of the Association. The colour palette differentiates us from other Myositis groups.


  • The Association is registered as a charity for tax purposes.


  • The Association is fortunate to have a senior rheumatologist, Associate Professor Alan Sturgess, as its Patron and guide. Close links to specialist neurologists and rheumatologists are fostered in all States. The Committee consists of volunteers who either have a Myositis disease or a close interest in the subject.


  • The Association also maintains a network of State support groups which meet together in a social setting to share experiences and information. In some cases guest speakers are invited to talk on subjects relevant to the group.


Special support groups have also been established for:

  • young adults; and
  • juvenile myositis patients

The Myositis Association-Australia Incorporated has a policy of funding (within its capacity) research projects that have relevance to Myositis. Donations in excess of $2 received by the Association, are tax deductable due to its charitable status.

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General Enquiries:
Phone: 0421 3141 38 – Anita Chalmers (Secretary)