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The seriousness of these diseases lies in the fact that the body’s inflammatory response is turned against us causing our autoimmune system to attack and destroy our own muscle tissue. Once gone the muscle cannot be regenerated (although there are research studies working on this) and over time this can result in a progressive and cumulative loss of muscle that leads to a state of weakness and disability.

Other symptoms may include pain, fatigue, trouble swallowing, shortness of breath, lung disease, fevers and weight loss. Patients often have difficulty climbing stairs, rising from a seated position, turning over in bed, raising their arms over their head and grasping items with their hands, and many become prone to unexpected falls. Symptoms can appear gradually, over a period of months or years or may develop rapidly within days or weeks. In rare  instances with some of the diseases remission can occur. In the case of Necrotising Myositis, urgent medical care is required due to the aggressive nature of the attack on the muscles putting limbs or even our life at risk.