Why your support matters

Your support will enable our volunteer-led organisation to help fund more Myositis research and continue our education, awareness and advocacy work for people living with Myositis.

Why give monthly?

You’ll make the most impact

When you donate monthly, you are giving consistency. Regular donations mean that we can plan ahead and work out the best ways to continue supporting people impacted by Myositis.

It’s an easy way to donate

Monthly giving means your donation is automatically deducted safely and securely from your nominated account each month. It’s a convenient way to donate. You can ‘set and forget’ knowing that you are making a difference each month without the hassle of doing once-off donations. Monthly giving also helps spread out your charitable giving dollars throughout the year which can be helpful for budgeting.

You can help reduce admin costs

You’ll receive an annual donation receipt at the end of the financial year. This means fewer admin tasks for us compared to processing individual transactions. And fewer admin tasks helps reduce our costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:        How does it work?

Answer:           Each month on the 15th (or next working day), we will debit your credit card or bank account with the amount you specify. You can increase, decrease or cancel your donation at any time by contacting us or your bank.

Question:        Will I get a receipt?

Answer:           Yes, you will receive an email receipt immediately after donating and if you make a monthly gift you will receive a yearly tax receipt via email every year.

Question:        How can I update my payment and contact details?

Answer:           Simply email us at: mail@myositis.org.au or call

Question:        Will the donation come out on the same day each month?

Answer:           Yes, donations will be processed on the 15th or the next working day.

Question:        How can I cancel my monthly donation?

Answer:           If you would like to cancel your monthly donations, please call (insert number here)[EV2] 

 [EV1]Christine, it would be better to have the generic phone number here to ease the burden on Anita.

 [EV2]Christine, it would be better to have the generic phone number here to ease the burden on Anita.