Myositis Association Australia

The Myositis Association – Australia Inc is a registered charity, run by volunteers, who have Myositis.
We are here to support and advocate for you, whether you live with Myositis or you are a carer, family member, or friend.
Our goal is to help more people keep in touch, share their experiences and learn practical ways to manage their condition.
We also work to raise awareness of Myositis and to support Australian-based research looking into ways to prevent and treat the disease as well as improving the quality of life for those living with Myositis.

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Myo News and Events

2022 events included:

  • Patient group gatherings (in-person & online) with presentations by health experts
  • Publicity campaign (TV,radio and print media) to raise awareness
  • Dissemination of patient information brochures to neurologists and rheumatologists
  • Allocating funds to support appropriate research.