Mental Health Resources

R U OK?: is a public health promotion charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives. Our work focuses on building the motivation, confidence and skills of the help-giver – the person who can have a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling with life. R U OK? contributes to suicide prevention efforts by encouraging people to invest more time in their personal relationships and building the capacity of informal support networks – friends, family and colleagues – to be alert to those around them, have a conversation if they identify signs of distress or difficulty and connect someone to appropriate support, long before they’re in crisis.

Website link: R U OK?

Head to Health: A website that can help you find information on digital mental health and wellbeing resources across Australia. Types of resources include: phone services, apps, online programs, online forums and digital information resources. It has resources that address lots of different mental health challenges for different ages and backgrounds too.

Website link: Welcome to Head to Health | Head to Health

MindSpot Clinic: “MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression and low mood. We provide assessment and treatment courses, or we can help you find local services that can help ”. There is an option to have contact with one of their clinicians while completing the course (optional). Eligibility criteria is listed on their website. It is one of many programs listed on the Head to Health website.

Website link: MindSpot Clinic – Free Online Mental Health Support

NewAccess: Developed by Beyond Blue, a free mental health coaching program for those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Supported by a mental health coach. Currently only offered in NSW, QLD and VIC. Eligibility criteria is listed on their website. Website

Website link: NewAccess – Beyond Blue

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