Congratulations Anita Chalmers OAM

Our founding member of the Myositis Association Australia, Anita Chalmers, was recognised as part of the 2018 Australia Day honours with an OAM for her volunteer work for Myositis.

Once diagnosed with Polymyositis in 1999, her volunteer activities in the Myositis Association began and soon extended across Australia and internationally.  She forged strong ties with the US Myositis Association. leading to access to US doctors as speakers at conferences and opened other doors to the latest clinical information including drug trials.

When Anita was first diagnosed, there was no patient support group in Australia and little information about the disease. Anita is passionate about building awareness for Myositis and, started our Association in 2003 which now has over 250 members.

“This is a great honour and while I’m proud to be recognised, it’s not so much about me, it is about Myositis. We have battled to raise the awareness of this debilitating disease, so hopefully now we will be able to get it out in the media and hopefully let people know there is a support group out there and there is help,” Anita told the South Coast Register.

We congratulate Anita on this wonderful recognition and thank her for her ongoing work for Myositis. As our President Trevor Neumann said ‘Despite her own disability and other medical issues Anita continues as the ‘engine room’ of our Association. All of the jobs she undertakes are done with the one thought in mind – to help those burdened with Myositis. We’re so pleased she’s been honoured with an OAM’.

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