Becoming a member of the Myositis Association Australia means you can:

  • Join our support network and connect with others who know what life is like living with Myositis
  • Stay up-to-date on research, clinical trials, health management tips, group activities and upcoming events through our regular newsletter and online learning sessions
  • Build a stronger community of people living with Myositis. Together, we can advocate for more research, support and assistance.

Together we are stronger

Your membership will enable us to help fund more Myositis research and support our education, awareness and advocacy work.

Member categories and fees

  • MEMBER (Person diagnosed with Myositis OR Parent or child with JM)
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER (Other family member, relative, friend, carer, etc.).

$15.00 – for ALL memberships (subscriptions) of The Myositis Association-Australian Incorporated.

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