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Rachel’s Story

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Rachel’s day always starts with a cocktail of medication and a good day is when she’s able to get out of bed and do some ‘normal’ daily living activities. At times, she is profoundly disabled. Days on end unable to move, sit up, stand, walk, shower or change clothes, hold a spoon to eat, hold…
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Tracy’s Journey – IBM

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Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis At the end of 2016, I was changing insurance companies and the new company sent me for blood tests. When the results came back, they immediately said: “we are not going to cover you, your CK levels are too high”. What the heck are CK levels, I wondered? I went off…
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Christine’s Journey – Interstitial Myositis

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I’ve lived with Myositis for approximately 17 years. After taking 6 years to achieve a diagnosis, I understand the need for increased awareness and education for Myositis. My first symptoms were subtle. Perplexing reduced endurance for walking, difficulty rolling over in bed, getting out of chairs and fatigue over several years, eventually led to an…
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