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Support group offers hope for those living with myositis

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Published in Shepparton News June 14, 2024 With incurable diseases such as myositis, taking care of one’s mind is most important. Having a solid support system of people who have been through something similar, who understand and can help you prepare, is a massive part of that. Myositis is a rare disease where the body’s…
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‘Dame’ Val takes the challenge of myositis head on

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Val Dempsey… “Somebody will walk over to you and say: ‘How are you today, Val?’ And likely if you tell them, they don’t ask again.” Photo: Katarina Lloyd Jones. Myositis refers to a group of rare, incurable and progressive conditions that sees the body’s immune system turn against itself, destroying healthy muscle in the process….
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Ann’s Story

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Ann Reynolds has a remarkably practical and positive approach to her recent diagnosis of myositis and is now doing all she can to learn about it and share her story. “It’s what I’ve been dealt with, I can’t I do anything about it, but knowing there is support helps;’ she said. Ann had been having…
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Mums Story

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In her early 40s, my mum began a journey that would alter the course of her life. Slowly, she experienced weakness and overwhelming fatigue, to the point of having to stop work. As she humorously put it, “chairs, stairs, and toilet seats became my worst enemies.” Sadly, as is common with many struggling with uncommon…
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Rachel’s Story

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Rachel’s day always starts with a cocktail of medication and a good day is when she’s able to get out of bed and do some ‘normal’ daily living activities. At times, she is profoundly disabled. Days on end unable to move, sit up, stand, walk, shower or change clothes, hold a spoon to eat, hold…
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